This Piece is called "Passing The Time". Development began in 2005 and it has taken three years and three previous versions to perfect the design and technology required for this sculpture to function. The system operates on a fifteen minute recuring cycle with a total duration of two hours of unattended operation. The system is driven by a weight, similar to a grandfather clock. At the begining of each cycle, the weight drops about five inches and powers up the spinners. The spinners then free wheel and eventually slow to a rocking motion and finally come to a stop. There is a mechanical device that detects the completion of the cycle, actuates a trigger, the weight drops and another cycle begins. There are no electrical components in the system.

This piece is relaxing and meditative. All motions are predictable and other than during a few seconds at the begining of a cycle, it is totaly quiet.
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As you watch the above video you will notice that the spinning abruptly changes to a rocking motion. That is because about ten minutes of operation were deleted so the later part of the cycle could be viewed. An entire cycle takes about fifteen minutes and the system is self operating for two hours. After two hours of operation, a weight is moved from one side to the other and the system runs unattended for another two hours.
For a video explanation of how the system works, right click here and “open in new tab” for a Youtube clip.
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