Thor's Hammers transforms a few standard home and garden tools into a piece of kinetic sculpture. This is a hand powered piece; a gentle push puts the system in motion for five to ten minutes. The smooth flowing motion is obtained by the careful placement of the axles. Each hammer rotates independently on its own axle but its location in space is determined by the hammer it is connected to. This is a great piece to watch after a hard day at work. The freedom of motion is hypnotic and the gradual slowing of the system over time can melt away the tensions of the day. By the time it has come to a stop your mind may also be at rest.
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In a few moments the white area will become a video screen

Left click on play button in middle of screen

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Thor's hammer was more than a symbol to the Norse. It carried the power of Thor. It represented the focus of Thor's power, the thunderbolt before which nothing could stand. It offered Thor's power for protection; hallowing births, marriages, and deaths; binding oaths, and consecrating land. As a weapon, it defended the world of men from the forces of darkness and chaos. As a tool, the hammer gave Thor's power to tame the elements.
Historic information provided by "The Rune Primer" Right click here and select "Open in new tab" to see their website
The red and yellow hammers shown in the video are sold but can be replicated. Current stock includes a teal & purple set and a teal & blue set. (Using the Original "Waltzing Hammers" name.)
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